Norwegian Minister of Fisheries visits BAADER

Norwegian Minister of Fisheries visits BAADER

The Norwegian Minister of Fisheries - Per Sandberg, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway - Elisabeth Walaas and Members of the Norwegian Seafood Council visited the „Hidden Champion“ BAADER in Lübeck

The Norwegian Minister of Fisheries - Per Sandberg and the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway - Elisabeth Walaas, visited BAADER on 23.02.2017. 

Already for many years a close relationship exists between BAADER and Norway. The award of the title Honorary Consul to the father of Mrs. Petra Baader has intensified the close connection between the two countries. Since 1996 Petra Baader herself continues this tradition, being Honorary Consul for Norway and maintaining the close relationship. In 2008 Petra Baader was even awarded the Norwegian Order "Knight First Class" for her merits. 

The fish industry plays a major role in Norway. Some of the biggest players in this worldwide business are situated in Norway. 

The BAADER Group with its headquarters in the German city of Luebeck stands for high end food-know-how, Made in Germany. BAADER offers technical high performance machines and solutions for the industrial fish, poultry, meat, fruit and vegetable processing. Subsidiaries, distributors, agents and service stations are located at more than 70 locations worldwide. Ålesund and Tromsø in Norway are just two of them. 

Today BAADER is by far the leading supplier of fish processing plants and holds a world market share of 80 %. 

After a company tour through the BAADER museum and the production area, Ms Walaas and Mr. Sandberg showed special interest in BAADER’s world famous salmon processing technology. Most of Norway’s leading fish processing companies work on BAADER machines. Reason enough for both of the visitors to ask for details. Managing Director Robert Focke presented the new line-up of salmon processing technology: 

BAADER 144 Automatic Gutting Machine- is revolutionary in terms of speed, cleaning performance, working range, hygiene etc. 

The most efficient way to run BAADER 144 is to combine it with the new Speed Feed System BAADER 1570. This automatic feeding system is unrivaled in performance and speed, feeding up to 8 Gutting Machines with nearly 100% hit rate. Every of the 25 fish per minute reaches the gutting machine directly. 

The newest generation of salmon filleting machines is called BAADER 581. Recently presented to the market, it is already known as the leading technology in terms of hygiene, food safety, maintenance, performance, fillet quality and production control. 

BAADER 988 Trimming machine maximizes production value, yield, throughput and quality. It is a perfect solution for high-value trimming on customers demand. Each filet is evaluated according to size, volume, colour, melanin and afterwards cut accordingly. 

In the today’s challenging food processing industry, BAADER provides best solutions to produce safe food safely worldwide. That is also true for fish species like Whitefish and Herring. It was back in 1919, when the founder of the company - Rudolph M. J. Baader - revolutionized the fish processing by inventing a machine that mechanize the herring heading and filleting. Until today, BAADER has revolutionized Herring Processing every now and then. Nowadays, a fully automatic line can cut up to 24.000 fish per hour, for certain fish.

BAADER just steps into a new generation of Whitefish Processing with the new Filleting Solution BAADER 582 combined with the Skinner BAADER 59. Due to computer controlled tools and self adapting fish guides this line is known for its perfect fillet performance.

To cut the fillets into controlled customized pieces, BAADER opens a new chapter of fish processing with their X-ray controlled waterjet cutting solution, including product handling, portioning and weighing. This technology will substitute traditional methodologyies. The computer-controlled precision cutting line is part of BAADER’s high-tech strategy, that obviously impressed both, Ms Walaas and Mr. Sandberg.

„During the upcoming years“, explained Managing Director Torsten Krausen, „we will equip our customers within the food processing industry with technology solutions that will make them even more successful in terms of sustainability, profitability and food safety.“

„By combining traditional mechanical engineering with state-of-the-art software solutions“ added Executive Chairwoman Petra Baader „we support our customers throughout the world on their way to industry 4.0. The „internet of things“ will change the food processing industry dramatically very soon, and BAADER holds the key to it.“

Food hygiene, processing speed, yield increase and freshness are not only buzz words, but tomorrow’s major topics for Norway’s and the world’s fish processing industry.



from left Torsten Krausen (BAADER MD), Elisabeth Walaas (Ambassador of Norway), Per Sandberg (Minister for Fisheries in Norway), Robert Focke (BAADER MD), Petra Baader (Executive Chairwoman, Norwegian Honorary Consul)