BAADER 144 Princess-Cut Machine - NEW GENERATION

Tremendous increase of efficiency!

Lerøy Midt signed big contract with BAADER about several BAADER 144s with Speed Feed System!

The new BAADER 144 Salmon Gutting Machine together with the new Speed Feed System is the game-changer in the Salmon Industry.
BAADER 144 - as a successor of the well known BAADER 142 Salmon Gutting Machine is revolutionary in regards to speed, cleaning performance, working range, hygiene etc.

Customer Benefits:

  • High Speed - up to 25 fish / min
  • Wide working range: 2-11kg (adjustable at the touch screen)
  • Less after-cleaning due to very stable and perfect cleaning result - also at bigger fish
  • Higher value of by-products due to no contamination of guts with water
  • Quick change-over between different species and sizes due to a recipe archive
  • Nearly 99% runtime-effi ciency in combination with BAADER 1570 Speed Feed System for automatic feeding of up to 8 gutting machines
  • Fault detection and monitoring on operator panel possible, e.g. motor fault detection
  • Data collection and interchange to realize a full flexible distribution of the fish according to weight, k-factor, quality grading etc. 
  • Camera detection of cleaning result = Salmon Gut Inspection System SGI
  • Significant reduction of cleaning time due to:
    - improved hygienic design
    - automatic chain cleaning
    - no grease in the product area
    - tools can be easily dismounted for external washing
    - improved pipes - ready to CIP
    - Pipe Cleaning System (PCS) is possible
  • Real-time performance information for machine and operator due to B’Logic®Process Navigation

Technical Data:
Fish species: Salmon (salmo salar)

Working range:
2-11 kg (adjustable via touch screen)

Throughput (stand alone):
up to 25 fish/min (depending on fish size)